The Best Awards: FIFA says Egypt's votes for Salah not counted

The Best Awards: FIFA says Egypt's votes for Salah not counted

Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has revealed that votes from the Egyptian FA were ruled out and counted invalid.

Controversies have continued to sorround the award which was handed to Barcelona and Argentina captian Lionel Messi on Monday.

Egypt had demanded explanations from FIFA after the results of voting for the Player of the Year were announced on Monday but their support for Salah was ignored. The Liverpool star placed fourth, 20 votes behind winner Lionel Messi.

FIFA has now responded by saying Egypt's votes for Salah were not counted because of certain reasons.

FIFA said the "signatures on the voting forms were in capital letters and thus seemed not valid (not authentic)” and “the voting forms were also not signed by the General Secretary which is mandatory.”

FIFA added that they had sent two reminders to the Egyptian FA to send correct forms, but they had failed to do so by the deadline of August 21.

An unhappy Salah, who had changed his Twitter bio to say he only plays for Liverpool and removing any mention of his affiliation to Egypt, later posted a conciliatory tweet saying “no matter how much they try to change my love for you and your people”, referring to Egypt, “they won’t be able to”.

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