Roma becomes the first European club to launch Swahili Twitter account

Roma becomes the first European club to launch Swahili Twitter account

Italian side AS Roma has become the first-ever club to launch a new Swahili Twitter account. 

Roma had promised their followers they will create a new Twitter account which will be using Swahili as the language of communication. And on Wednesday, the Italian side launched a new official Swahili Twitter account in a bid to communicate with millions of fans who speak Swahili. 

The account, named @AsRomaSwahili went live for the first time on Wednesday with a trademark tongue-in-cheek Roma video. This comes a few days after Roma congratulated Eliud Kipchoge on making historic achievement in the INEOS challenge where they tweeted using Swahili. Kenya followers began asking the club to launch a Swahili account and the club's president Jim Pallotta promised then they will launch the Roma Swahili account. 

"Kama mnahitaji ukurasa wa As Roma wa Kiswahili kweli mnastahili kuwa nao. Unawajia muda si mrefu. Amani na upendo kwenu nyote," he posted in his personal Twitter account. 

New Twitter account

"We’re delighted to launch AS Roma Swahili on Twitter today. After we launched a Pidgin account in March, we’ve been inundated with requests from fans in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and from other Eastern and South-Eastern African countries asking for an official Swahili account," said Paul Rogers, Head of Strategy at AS Roma. 

"Considering the passion the fans have for European football, it’s actually surprising that no football club outside of Africa has attempted to communicate daily in Swahili and Pidgin before on social media."

"The new Twitter account will allow us to directly engage with these fans in a way that suits them and is consistent with our strategy of breaking down the communication barriers between the club and our global fan base." 

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