Mohamed Salah's response on why Sadio Mane wanted to hit him

Mohamed Salah's response on why Sadio Mane wanted to hit him

Following their public burst up in the 3-0 win over Burnley, Sadio Mane has revealed that Georginio Wijnaldum asked Mohamed Salah "Why did Mane want to hit you?".

Mane was furious with Liverpool team-mate Salah following the win over Burnley in August after the Egyptian refused to set him up to score. Salah instead went for goal and failed to score with Mane being unmarked and in a better position to score had he been feed with the ball.

In an interview with Canal Plus, Mane revealed that Wijnaldum asked Salah "Why did Mane want to hit you?", "Everyone was taking the p*** out of us. [Georginio] Wijnaldum, who likes to tease people, waited until everyone was there, came up to me and asked out loud 'Mo Salah, why did Mane want to hit you?' and the whole team started laughing.

"He (Salah) said to me 'Sadio, why are you angry?' I told him 'You needed to give me the ball, Mo', to which he replied 'I didn't see you. You know I've got nothing against you'. We talk on the phone sometimes, we text each other and we don't have a problem. So we talked, and everything was like before.

"We talked between ourselves, and then the manager called me into his office and we spoke. I told him it was already sorted and he was pleasantly surprised."

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