Five moments you may have missed from weekend action, including Sterling bust-up

Five moments you may have missed from weekend action, including Sterling bust-up

The weekend was filled with exciting matches for football lovers; from the English Premier League to the Serie A and LaLiga. 

Liverpool hosting Manchester City was the highlight match in England, but there were exciting clashes as well with Leicester playing Arsenal and Chelsea's derby date with Crystal Palace. 

In Serie A, Juventus playing AC Milan was the biggest match, with Paulo Dybala's goal the difference. 

Some moments though go unnoticed during matches, and we have rounded up some that might have been missed. 

Soyuncu and Chilwell argue

Leicester hosting Arsenal was one of the biggest match of the English Premier League over the weekend, and it lived up to the billing.

The contest was evenly balanced in the first half, with both sides giving their all to outplay their opponent. Leicester finally found the way throught and scored two second-half goals to win the tie and pick maximum points. 

In the first half though, Arsenal played well and tried to catch their opponents on the quick breaks.

It was one such moment that a long ball was played into Aubameyang's path, and the two defenders could be seen arguing on who should have kept an eye on the striker and they could be seen making hand gestures. 

The keeper however dealt with the ball and it was not a big issue at the end of the day, and they put their house in order as they easily dealt with the Gabonese after that. 

CR7 infuriated

Cristiano Ronaldo was subbed for the second match in a row, and it did not go down well with him. New coach Maurizio Sarri does not believe in keeping his star player, or any player for that matter, on the pitch if they are not delivering. 

The Portugues walked straight down the tunnel visibly angry after the substitution, and it starts raising eyebrows on how long he can stay in Turin if this continues. 

To add salt to the injury for Juventus' number seven, his replacement, Paulo Dybala scored the lone goal that saw the Old Lady triumph over AC Milan. 



Pep's special message to the referees

Pep Guardiola risked facing an FA ban after their heated 3-1 loss to Legue leaders Liverpool on Sunday evening. 

The coach was unimpressed by decisions that did not go their way, and was seen shouting at the referee signalling that they had been denied two penalities. 



After the match, Pep walked to the referees and could be heard saying 'thank you, thank you very much' which came out in a sarcastic manner. 


Sterling vs Gomez

Raheem Sterling and Gomez clashed on a number of occassions, it was expected, but one stood out when the defender shoved the winger inside the box and with no whistle, Sterling got mad and tried to square up to the tall guy. 

They had to be separated and it will for sure be an awkward moment when they meet for the internationals this week. 


Klopp and the cameramen

After the Sunday's match, Klopp refused to perform his famous triple fist-pump celebration perhaps due to the criticism he has been receiving from various quarters over the same. 

When he saw the cameramen follow him around as he celebrated the win with the Kops, he turned them away and said:”No I'm not doing it with you here, I'm not a clown".

He, however, turned to the crowd and celebrated how he knows best.