🇰🇪 'Zico' Otieno blames poor officiating after KCB's defeat to Bandari

🇰🇪 'Zico' Otieno blames poor officiating after KCB's defeat to Bandari

KCB head coach Zedekiah 'Zico' Otieno has put blame on poor officiating after his side suffered a 2-1 loss to Bandari on Wednesday. 

KCB, who have been in fine form suffered their second consecutive defeat at Mbaraki Sports Club yesterday. Yema Mwana and William Wadri netted all the important goals for Bandari with Baridi Bao grabbing a consolation. The Dockers were given a penalty in the second half after Cliff Kasuti was brought down in the danger zone with Mwana converting from the spot. 

However, Otieno believes the penalty was too solved and it could not have stood. Zico added that KCB had controlled the game before the penalty which changed the match. 

"I think the game was nice, we controlled it in the first half and you could see we were on top. We knew how Bandari were coming to play and so we decided to lock them out until the time when the referee decided to give the hosts a soft penalty. from the clips, it is very clear that even it was our player who was pushed," he told reporters. 


"It is very unfair if you can work throughout the week and something like that happens. Mupaima is a very experienced referee and is supposed to give out a soft penalty," he pointed out. 

"We conceded another very easy goal, so it was going to be a tough order for us. By the time we scored the consolation goal, it was late and you could see how Bandari players were wasting time but that is football. It is very unfair to play in Mombasa in February at 2, it is not good players. I think we can be playing at 3 or 4 but at 2 it is unfair to players. Not only on my side but both teams."


"We had our target at the start of the season and so far we are on course and for us, it is not changing anything in terms of position since it was our game at hand. This is the second loss in two games and we need to wake up as a team and make sure work hard to start getting the three points again."

Facing Posta Rangers 

"They've been having a good run but since we have two weeks from now I think that will be enough time to rectify our mistakes."


KCB remain fourth on the log with 38 points after 20 matches.