🇳🇬🇩🇪 Taiwo Awoniyi describes coronavirus training conditions at German club

🇳🇬🇩🇪 Taiwo Awoniyi describes coronavirus training conditions at German club

Nigeria international Taiwo Awoniyi is delighted to be back on the grass training although under new coronavirus rules.

Germany has been one of the first nations in Europe to allow clubs to return to training after weeks of forced lockdown.

Awoniyi, who plays his football for Mainz on loan from Liverpool, says the outstanding rule is strictly no physical touch and contact with the ball the main exercize.

“The Germans have always been professional and the training has been more like passing drills,” Awoniyi told Omasports.

“We are keeping social distance, nobody is touching the other and everything is under strict conditions. The monitoring is strict, and those drills don’t need contacts.

“It feels good because we all can feel the ball again, and everyone can be safe at the end, which is the most important for us.

The 22 year-old striker added that the new training allowance is the same adherence to national rules that were followed during the stay-at-home quarantine.

“Everyone has been indoor for a while and it's the same everywhere in the world. We have to follow the instructions we are given. From my team, the way everything is being conducted has shown how Germans are and professional they are as a club.

“It was a good training session for everyone. I can’t believe we can play football without contact,” he concluded.

The Ilorin-born player has also been to the Netherlands and Belgium at two of five different clubs as a Liverpool loanee.

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