Why Rio Ferdinand doesn't speak with former teammate John Terry

Why Rio Ferdinand doesn't speak with former teammate John Terry

Rio Ferdinand says that he hasn't forgiven former England team-mate, John Terry, for racially abusing his brother Anton in a game almost a decade ago.

Terry received a four-match ban and was fined £220,000 by the Football Association after he was found guilty for using offensive words towards Anton Ferdinand during a clash with QPR in 2011.

The infamous incident led to a huge fallout between two of the biggest names in the game. 

Now, the former Manchester United skipper says that he still doesn't speak with Terry following the incident.

" The John Terry and my brother situation, if I could rewind the clock back now, I would have spoken out from day one and said to my brother, 'speak now'.

"We were advised, you have to remember, there were lawyers in the background, representing the club, the League, the PFA, the FA, so you had all these different people talking saying what's right, what's best for you, and you get in this cloud, this bubble, you just take on the professional advice.

"You don't want to be selfish - and end up being quiet in the background hoping the situation plays out how it should. The facts are there for people to see.

"The problem is, we did it from a pure heart. Our hearts are pure in this situation, but not everyone is like that. When your heart is pure and you don't speak out, you get punished. I've worked that out now.

"You're the ones that get punished and tarnished. You're the ones that get labelled. Whether that's because you don't speak or because you're black, I don't know. I just think now, I would speak straightaway. I'd tell him (Anton), speak now."

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