KEFWA urges dialogue on wage cuts by KPL clubs

KEFWA urges dialogue on wage cuts by KPL clubs

Kenya Footballers Welfare Association (KEFWA) has urged Kenyan Premier League clubs to engage in dialogue with players before imposing any pay cuts. 

In a statement sent to media on May 1, the welfare body said that it was concerned that clubs have neglected their players.

They said that despite initial talks, clubs and KPL have not assured players that they will look after their welfare during this coronavirus crisis. 

"We held amicable talks with KPL with a view to devising a working formula that could cater to the affected players whilst ensuring that their clubs remained afloat," they wrote.

"We remain optimistic that they will soon revert on this pertinent matter as we strive to develop strategies conducive to preserve the relationship between clubs and players."

Only KCB and Wazito FC have publicly said that they will continue paying their players and technical during this period. 


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