Kai Havertz's message to Chelsea fans

Kai Havertz's message to Chelsea fans

Chelsea new signing Kai Havertz is confident the club will improve as the season progresses, following mixed results to the new campaign. 

The German made a big-money move from Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen this summer but struggled in the opening matches of the new season. 

His performances have however improved with every game, and he is confident they will get better with time. 

The 21-year-old spoke after a 4-0 win over Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Saturday, their second win of the current campaign.

"The first half was difficult because they were stuck in their own half and it was difficult to create chances, but the second half was better," said Havertz.

"We played well and scored four goals. It gives us a lot of confidence. After the international break we have to continue like this.

"It takes a bit of time to find connections. A lot of players, like me, didn’t have pre-seasons, and a lot of players are new. It takes maybe a month for everyone to settle in nice. It’s different for players to come from another country, young as well, but now we are settled in very good.

"We are getting more comfortable on the pitch. We all have to get a little bit fitter and when we do that we will play better and better.

"We can achieve a lot this season. We have very good players, a good coach, and we are here to win titles. That’s our goal," 

He also explained the difference between the Bundesliga and the Premier League. 

"It’s very different to Germany and that’s a reason some players need a bit of time to adapt," he noted.

"There’s a lot of running in the Premier League, very aggressive. In the Bundesliga when you play against lower-placed teams sometimes it’s easier, but here when you play against teams like West Brom or Brighton they can play very good football,"

The Premier League, and other major leagues across Europea will take a two-week international break,  with action set to resume on the weekend of October 17.