Barcelona agrees to join Euro Super League

Barcelona agrees to join Euro Super League

Outgoing FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu appeared to have confirmed that the club is set to join the soon to be formed European Super League.

Bartomeu announced his resignation from the club on Tuesday night but dropped a revelation that the club was going to join some of the best clubs in Europe in the Super League.

“I can announce some extraordinary news. Yesterday we accepted a proposal to participate in a future European Super League.

“This would guarantee the future financial sustainability of the club. And we have accepted the future Club World Cup,” the 57-year-old said in a statement.

Plans were leaked last week over a supposed ‘European Premier League’ which suggested that Liverpool and Manchester United had taken part in discussions over a new tournament which was being backed by FIFA.

In the proposal, it is believed that 19 teams from across Europe take part in the competition that is thought to be in place to oust the normal Champions League.

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