Jordan Pickford hires private security after Van Dijk injury

Jordan Pickford hires private security after Van Dijk injury

Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has been forced to hire private security after the injury to Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk.

The English keeper has been accused by a section of Liverpool players and fans of having the intentions of injuring their defender something that Everton through manager Carlo Ancelotti has vehemently denied.

With the tension always exhibited by both teams, Pickford is taking no chances with his security as he fears his family might be attacked by those loyal to Liverpool.

Daily Mail through a source said: "Jordan has been shocked by the level of abuse he has received since the match. He is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure his family is kept safe."

The reports indicate that Pickford moved to beef up security at his home after escaping any punishment from the English FA.

Pickford is said to have asked a specialist security firm to look after him and his family. Last week bodyguards were guarding the outside of Pickford's £2.5million home in Cheshire, where he lives with his wife Megan and one-year-old son.

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