Edinson Cavani fires warning to his Manchester United teammates

Edinson Cavani fires warning to his Manchester United teammates

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani has warned his teammates to be vigilant in their next games.

Cavani who joined United in the summer as a free agent while speaking to the club’s official website admitted that teams will always up their game when coming against them and they will have to be ready to compete.

“I believe that one of the most important things that we need to be aware of, whenever we go into any game, is that we are Manchester United, and, irrespective of whether we are top of the league or in any other position, every other team that plays against Manchester United try to do their absolute best to try and beat them.

“It was also a similar situation for me when I was at PSG. Teams try to do the impossible to get a victory against one of the most legendary and best teams in the world. So ensuring we are focused and concentrated on this, should give us the energy to want to fight for this badge.

"Like I always say, the important thing isn’t just winning a couple of games, it’s having that consistency of always competing; competing in every game and for every ball, and concentrating to the absolute maximum for every situation that comes up in the game. And that’s what in the end, allows you to achieve your ultimate goal, “ Cavani said.

United will be up against Fulham on Wednesday with a win taking them to the top of the Premier League; a position currently occupied by Leicester City who beat Chelsea on Tuesday night.

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