Tuchel: I was worried about Chelsea's 18-month contract offer

Tuchel: I was worried about Chelsea's 18-month contract offer

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admits he was 'initially' worried after he was offered an 18-month contract to replace Frank Lampard at Stamford Bridge. 

Tuchel was appointed as the Chelsea head coach at the end of January after Lampard was shown the door. The former Paris Saint Germain boss is yet to lose a single game since his arrival with his current deal set to expire next season. However, Tuchel has an option of further 12 months and given the sacrifices he made to move to the west London side. 

"I would say it affects me, everything affects me but in a very positive way because I was worried about that in the beginning," Tuchel told BT Sport. 

"It was all done in 72 hours so I didn’t like it at first. I thought they don’t trust me; what is this, [for this] I have to leave my country, maybe leave my family behind, it’s not so easy, we are many points behind place number four and maybe we don’t make it which is still possible and then it’s easy to sack me then again."

"But after a matter of minutes [I thought] what does it change anyway? I took it off my shoulders. If they like what I am doing, they will make me stay. If I’m not good if I don’t have results and they don’t like me they will sack me anyway."

"I can have a five-year contract and they will still sack me. So why worry about it. Am I convinced about myself? Yes. am I convinced about this team, this club, and this league? Yes, yes, and yes. So why worry about this number? From then on I stepped out of this cycle of thinking and I live a bit easier. I don’t worry too much. Maybe it’s better this way. The approach is to say we better use every day because we never know how long we have as a manager at Chelsea."

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