Manchester United legend urges club to sell Martial, van de Beek and Lindelof
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Manchester United legend urges club to sell Martial, van de Beek and Lindelof

Former Manchester United star Luke Chadwick has suggested that striker Anthony Martial should be one of the three players that should be sold by the club in the summer.

In an interview with CaughtOffside, Chadwick feels Martial, van de Beek and Victor Lindelof would fetch the club a lot of money if they were to be sold in the summer.

 “You’d probably say, if you were looking for that sum of money to balance the books, you’d look at someone like Paul Pogba and you’d say that’d be a good bit of business four months ago, but since then he’s come into his own and played some of the best football he’s played in a Manchester United shirt.”

Van de Beek’s come in, you wouldn’t get as much back on your money, but if he’s not going to play then he could be someone that the club’s looking to move on. Bailly’s looking for a new contract and they’re looking at another center-half. Lindelof’s had a good season and you could probably get some good money back on him if it was seen that he was surplus to requirements.”

“Anthony Martial, who’s suffered from injuries, sort of an enigma at times, can be brilliant one week and not so good the next. If you’re looking at a number nine to come in, say, Harry Kane, that’d be an obvious one. Those three players, I’m not sure how much you’d get, but I’d imagine you’d get quite good money for the three of them,” he said.

The three players named Donny van de Beek (£31.5M), Victor Lindelof (£21.6M), and Anthony Martial (£45M) would fetch United some decent amount going by their prices on the transfer market.