FIFA President being questioned over Super League involvement

FIFA President being questioned over Super League involvement

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has been questioned over his possible involvement in the European Super League.

There have been reports that Infantino played a key role in getting teams on board with ESPN claiming that his involvement meant that teams agreed to the new breakaway competition with the backing of FIFA, and UEFA are now actively seeking clarity on the situation.

UEFA have been investigating the three remaining clubs that Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona who earlier in the week released a joint statement claiming that they did not do any wrong with their move.

The clubs are insisting on reform for the good of the game something UEFA doesn’t agree with and the European body is now investigating Infantino with La Liga chief Javier Tebas naming the president as “W01”, the codename written on the paperwork for the attempted breakaway.

There have been indication that the Super League might be dissolved after nine of the clubs dropped out following fan pressure.

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