🏆 EURO 2020: More players join in the Coca-Cola, Heineken drama as UEFA sends warning

🏆 EURO 2020: More players join in the Coca-Cola, Heineken drama as UEFA sends warning

Cristiano Ronaldo's recent snub of EURO 2020 sponsor Coca-Cola continues to cause waves at the ongoing tournament, with more and more players joining in. 

The Juventus and Portugal attacker, known for his health fanatic, removed two Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference at the European Championship early this week and seemed to encourage more intake of water. 

The move reportedly coincided with a $4bn fall in the share price of the drinks company, with fans across the globe divided following his actions. 

Man United midfielder Paul Pogba then followed Ronaldo's lead by removing a bottle of Heineken and placing it on the floor during a presser after France's win over Germany. 

Manuel Locatelli picked the cue following his man-of-the-match performance against Switzerland by placing down his bottle of water before pushing two Coca-Cola bottles out of view.

He then mimicked Ronaldo by saying ‘acqua’ (Italian for ‘water’).

England captain Harry Kane though opted not to follow the lead, choosing to keep the drinks during a press conference ahead of England vs Scotland match on Friday. 

The Tottenham Hotspur striker defended the sponsors, suggesting they have every right to have their products in front of the cameras. 

 "I totally agree. Obviously, the sponsors are entitled to what they want if they’ve paid the money to do so.

"It’s not something I’ve thought too much about.

"I’ve seen it go round on social media but if I’m totally honest I’m more focused on tomorrow [England's match vs Scotland] than anything like that.

The Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate joined the conversation during a question-answer session, throwing his support behind the sponsors. 

"I think there are lots of sponsors in sport and the impact of their money at all levels helps sport to function, particularly grassroots sport in our country requires investment and without some of those companies, it would be very difficult to have the facilities we need.

"We’re mindful in our country of obesity and health but everything can be done in moderation, and anything that is done in moderation is rarely a problem.

"I understand the concerns that people have. Obviously, the two guys [Ronaldo and Pogba] have different rationale to the stances they took but there’s always a bigger picture."

Meanwhile, Russia star Andriy Yarmolenko hilariously called for the sponsors to contact him as he was ready to work with them. 

In a similar move, John McGinn and Scott McTominay showed Cocacola some love, with the latter picking a bottle after a presser. 

UEFA has in the meantime warned teams that they risk being fined if their players pull similar acts during press conferences. 

"Uefa has reminded participating teams that partnerships are integral to the delivery of the tournament and to ensuring the development of football across Europe, including for youth and women," the tournament organizers reportedly said. 

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