Matip preseason form delights Klopp

Matip preseason form delights Klopp

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has been impressed by the form of defender Joel Matip in the preseason.

Matip is not yet fully fit after struggling with injuries last season but is part of Liverpool's preseason camp where he was snapped by the club's camera scoring two goals in training.

Speaking about the Cameroonian, Kloop said: “I am not sure if we have it on camera, but when Joel scored the goal (in training), Pete Krawietz was standing next to me and said, 'Good surgery!' He is in good shape, wow.

“Joel Matip is this kind of player, who flourishes at the moment when he enters the pitch. I think nobody heard him saying a lot of things when he is stood next to the pitch, but when it is a game situation – whichever game it is – he is in.

“He missed that very much because he was out for a long time, but as I said before he was the closest of all the four long-term injuries. Trent is now in normal sessions as well and we'll see what we do with that on Tuesday."

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