Thomas Partey’s new food sacrifice

Thomas Partey’s new food sacrifice

Arsenal’s Ghanaian midfielder Thomas Partey has added an extra commitment in the quest to avoid injuries.

According to a popular Arsenal blog, Partey is determined to prevent injury bugs by not only focusing on gym muscle work but tweaking his food diet oo.

The Ghanaian was seemingly not against eating junking food.

“With every injury suffered – a thigh problem in November, hip injury in December and January and hamstring strain in February – he has responded by undertaking extra gym work on top of the club advised training programme,” Pain In The Arsenal reported.

“These additional hard yards are supplemented by a change in diet, too. He hasn’t gone full Chris Smalling and become a man of the earth, but he has cut down on his junk food intake. Usually with an ‘allowance’, as such, on such food stuffs, it appears every little helps. His favourite? Indomie instant noodles. He loves them. If you can call it junk food,” the blog added.

Meanwhile, Partey is expected to feature as Arsenal host Crystal Palace in North London this weekend.

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