Betting Article


Some bettors prefer to place their bets early, as soon as prices become available, others prefer to bet minutes before the match kicks off while some prefer to bet during the match.

Professional bettors understand their trade and bet at all three times. They have strategies that suggest to them when a bet should be placed and their activity is based entirely on value - when they believe a bookmaker price is incorrect.

However, the focus of this article is the non-professional bettor; 99.9% of all bettors.

Why Bet Early?

There are two common reasons:

To make sure you don’t forget to bet on your team and;

If you are going to be busy with work, family or other commitments on match day.

There are few things more annoying in the world of betting than planning to have a bet on your team, forgetting when they were playing and then finding out afterwards that they won!

This can especially happen on midweek matches where work and other matters have the capacity to distract you from your recreational betting.


Why Bet Late?

There are three common reasons:

Because you simply forgot to place your bet earlier;

Because a price that looked unappetising earlier has now changed and looks more attractive to you;

You are planning to watch a match, perhaps at your local bar or with friends, and you want to add a bit of extra excitement to your viewing.

Why Bet Live?

There are two common reasons:

While a match is unfolding before your eyes, you decide you know what is going to happen (maybe you can see one team retreating into defence while the other is establishing clear superiority) so you decide to back your judgement with a bet or;

You are watching a match, perhaps at your local bar or with friends, and you want to add a bit of extra excitement to your viewing.

Final Comments

In summary, there is no special recommended time to bet - unless you are a professional or you have a ‘target price’ in mind.


For example, maybe you are an Arsenal fan and they’re at home and have been paying 1.45 all week. You only want to bet if an Arsenal win gets you double your money back - which would be a price of 2.00 - so you have not placed a bet.

Then, maybe while you’re watching the game Arsenal concedes a lucky goal just before halftime, you check your bookmaker’s prices and find the Arsenal price is now 2.10 You believe Arsenal will come out firing in the 2nd half and you now have that price you dreamed of; it’s time to bet!

Remember, always bet responsibly