Betting How To

Accumulators, AKA multiples, are one of the most popular bets in Africa and indeed the world. 'Multis', as they are sometimes known, are tempting because they offer big returns on small stakes. 
Before taking multiple bets, it's important to understand how they work and hoe you can use them to your advantage so that you have the best possible chances of walking away as a happy winner. 

The Advantages Of The Multi

The advantage of an accumulator is that the payout rapidly escalates due to the profits from each bet being reinvested on the bet on the next leg. This does also increase the risk because just one lost bet will ruin the entire multi. The saying "high-risk high reward" is very applicable here.

Keep an eye on different leagues

With a small initial outlay, you can retain an interest in numerous popular football leagues around the globe. This plays into the hands of football enthusiasts who fancy their knowledge of multiple leagues because that knowledge can become a huge asset when betting on multiples. The benefit here is that the more you diversify your knowledge, the more you're likely to win in the long run. 

Simultaneous bets 

Multis/accumulators allow you to include matches kicking off simultaneously in the same bet. Picture a busy Saturday afternoon of Premier League football, there's simply no time to win bets and then reinvest that money into later kickoffs because of the research time required. For this reason, you can also bet on different sports or events kicking off in the future. Just be sure that they aren't related to one another or conflict in any way!

A Multiple Bet in Practice

 Odds on multiples/accumulators rise quickly the more legs you add to the bet.  In this example, we placed a Ksh10 bet on the following three-leg accumulator with our bet slip placed below to illustrate the odds: 

  • Italy to beat Poland @ 1.65
  • Serbia to beat Lithuania @ 1.36
  • Turkey to beat Russia @ 2.24

Your initial stake returns Ksh16.5 if Italy beats Poland. This Ksh16.5 becomes your stake on Lithuania vs Serbia game and pays out Ksh22.4 if favourites Serbia get the win. You now technically have Ksh22.4 to bet on Turkey beating Russia and if that happens, you'll return Ksh50 on your initial Ksh10 bet. 

See how tempting it is to take a multi bet? Start with small stakes on leagues you know well, and big wins can follow. Then there's nothing stopping you from branching out into other football leagues to test your knowledge and win more bets! Follow our best bets and expert tips and see where we think the betting value is on a daily basis.

Start with Italy vs Poland and see how you go on betPawa tonight.