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Manchester City winger Leroy Sane has responded to Toni Kroos previous criticism about his body language.

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos questioned Sane’s body language saying, “Sometimes you have the feeling with Leroy’s body language that it is all the same whether we win or lose. He has to improve his body language. He’s a player who has everything you need to be a world-class player but sometimes you have to tell him he has to perform better.”

Sane responded to Kroos criticism by stating his innocence, “If I play bad, then it's not like I don't care. I always want us to win our games. It's OK for me that it might look different for other people. I also respect it when criticism is addressed personally. I'll then try to work on it. I don't have any problem with criticism. It's an incentive to refine myself.”

The Manchester City winger added that he was disappointed to be left out in the squad that went to the World Cup, “Sure, I was disappointed when I heard that I wasn't in the World Cup squad, but it motivated me even more and as I already said - I want to show everyone what I've got. I always try to enjoy the time on the field and to learn something when I play. I learned a lot in the last months. I always want to improve my game when I play, and I think that is what I did in the last months”