🇿🇼⚖️ Zimbabwe Football Association punishes Antipas & De Jongh

🇿🇼⚖️ Zimbabwe Football Association punishes Antipas & De Jongh

The Zimbabwe Premier League together with the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) have taken action against Highlanders coach Hendrik de Jongh and Chicken Inn coach Joey Antipas for criticizing the bodies.

Both Antipas and de Jongh slammed the league’s fixture congestion where the FIFA International is not accommodated by the league to support ZIFA. The league held two full fixture rounds during this month’s international break where Zimbabwe’s Warriors played against Botswana and Zambia.

It has now been reported that both coaches have been slapped with $1 250 fines for condemning the decision which “contravenes an Article of the Standing orders which doesn’t allow a player or official to make comments in the media or social which brings the League and /or its sponsors into disrepute,” wrote The Chronicle.

Antipas’ criticism

“This whole thing is a mess because this is a Fifa week. Everywhere in the world, no local games are being played,” Antipas had complained.

“Mind you, the national team games take priority over the domestic programme.”

De Jongh slamming

“The only problem is PSL and Zifa, who l feel should follow the Fifa rules.”

“They are not my rules, but Fifa rules. All over the world, the FAs listen to coaches, so I hope that in future we won’t have situations such as this one."