🇩🇪🔥 There's just no stopping Timo Werner under new RB Leipzig manager Nagelsmann

🇩🇪🔥 There's just no stopping Timo Werner under new RB Leipzig manager Nagelsmann

​Timo Werner is a name that is rapidly rising in the Bundesliga and it's not surprising for a German international who has made over 200 appearances in the league and all that by the tender age of 23. 

Werner has seen his game grow and improve under the tutelage of new RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann and it seems to be working out for the youngster who is soaring every time he steps on to the pitch. 

The 23-year-old scored a brace in Leipzig's 3-1 victory against Hoffenheim which was made it his 14th and 15th Bundesliga.

However, it gets interesting because Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has more goals at hand with 16 and it seems like Werner is catching up. 

The duo are currently head to head when it comes to goal contributions: Werner has been involved in 27 from 22 appearances (19 goals, eight assists), while Lewandowski has 27 goals and one assist from 22.


In an exclusive interview with the official Bundesliga website, Werner admitted that this year was dedicated to polishing his goalscoring skills - creating chances and converting. 

"This year, we've focused on having as many shots as possible," Werner revealed. 


"That's always a good thing for strikers, lining up the ball and focusing on how we strike the ball. We shoot a lot in games and do it very well. We have a particular conviction within the team, and I'm at the end of the supply chain most of the time."

Nagelsmann believes that more is yet to come from the 23-year-old and feels like the football realm needs to appreciate him more. 

"He's a great guy, he's very clear-headed and is very self-aware," he said

"His scoring rate right now couldn't be any better."

"He definitely can outdo some of the best in the league. If he continues scoring like this then he'll definitely be in the running."

Furthermore, when asked about his current playing style upon the arrival for Nagelsmann, the youngster said: "I'm playing almost as an attacking midfielder, which means I've got to play as the others do, like [Emil] Forsberg, [Marcel] Sabitzer, [Christopher] Nkunku, and get assists.

"Naturally, I've got to always link it all together. We've got to get beyond this image of me being the team's goalscorer. I want to support my teammates instead. It's working well, especially when we play well together. The lads know that when they set me up, I'll happily return the favour.”