Chinese Super League season postponed amid coronavirus crisis

Chinese Super League season postponed amid coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has hit China and there will be no way football will be played on the set date for the start of a new CSL season, February 22.

In a statement released today morning, the China Football Association (CFA) said the move was taken to help with the "prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection and to protect the health of the majority of fans, media, players, coaches, game officials, clubs and district staff".

It said the decision affected the "2020 season national football competitions at all levels".

The CFA said it would "continue to maintain close communication with national authorities, determine the timing of each season's events in combination with the actual development of the epidemic situation and make reasonable adjustments to the system, schedule and scale of some events when necessary".

With this virus affecting several people in the nation, former Premier League stars like Yaya Toure, Marouane Fellaini and ex-Chelsea midfielder Oscar will have to wait longer as a new starting date for the season has not been announced.