Arrests as sexual abuse scandal rocks Senegalese club | Nigeria
Arrests as sexual abuse scandal rocks Senegalese club

Arrests as sexual abuse scandal rocks Senegalese club

A French coach has been arrested by Senegalese authorities after claims of sexual abuse emerged at  Dakar Sacre-Couer football club.

Olivier Sylvain was put under custody by Senegalese police after accusations of molesting at least seven minors at the club. It is alleged that Sylvain preyed on boys aged between 13-15 years at the club. The Frenchman was the club's head of performance unit at the time of his arrest. 

The Senegalese on Wednesday confirmed the arrest and immediately said that they had sacked Sylvain and are cooperating with authorities as the investigations into the scandal began.

Local press reports that Sylvain has been preying on the young minors at the club for at least a year as he was in charge of the age-grade system. He was busted after one of the boys reported the abuse at Protection of Minors police unit.

It is understood that the club's president was the one who took the case to the police after learning of the predatory behaviour of the French trainer. The club has set up a psychological unit to offer counselling and support for the affected minors.

Disturbing revelations indicate Sylvain used to invite the boys to his house to offer them massage after training sessions and abuse them.

Partner club 

Dakar Sacre-Couer is a partner club of the French side Olympique Lyonnais. The Ligue 1 side is yet to comment on the case. 

Senegal FA president Augustin Senghor said that he was shocked by the revelations and called for restraint and let investigators do their work.   

"That does not mean that Dakar SC is responsible because to my knowledge, there is no such history. In any case, at this stage, it is premature to draw conclusions because of the presumption of innocence. But if the facts are proven, it is extremely serious and it calls for strong punishment"