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🇿🇼🗣 Ndiraya on why the league postponement is a blessing

🇿🇼🗣 Ndiraya on why the league postponement is a blessing

Dynamos coach Tonderai Ndiraya has been afforded at least two months to work with his squad after the Coronavirus outbreak forced the Zimbabwe Premier League postponement.

Ndiraya, who returns from work engagements in Belgium, would have had just a week of preseason before kicking off the league. The Zimbabwean coach was shadowing coaches at Anderlecht and KV Mechelen.

“The postponement of the league has come as a blessing in disguise on our part as Dynamos,’’ Ndiraya told The Herald.

“That is really going to give us more time together.

The former Dynamos midfielder explains how he will use the extra period to develop combinations while also introducing some of the knowledge he picked up in Belgium.

“It will give us more time to work on combinations. This is the time that I am going to impart some of the knowledge I acquired when I went to Belgium last month.

“It was really going to be difficult for me, just to have the team for one week, and the following week the league starts.

“So, the postponement of the league has given us quite an opportunity to work on all that. I learnt quite a lot, in terms of methods of coaching, right from fitness, technique and tactical aspects of the game.”

Ndiyara concluded to promise the club’s fans that Dynamos will be a force to be reckoned with. “Be rest assured, we will compete this year. I want to tell our fans that we will be competing this year. They should expect a very competitive outfit, different from the one we had last season.’’