Newcastle legend Malcolm McDonald believes Joelinton is not hungry enough | Nigeria
Newcastle legend Malcolm McDonald believes Joelinton is not hungry enough

Newcastle legend Malcolm McDonald believes Joelinton is not hungry enough

​Newcastle United legend Malcolm Macdonald has hit out at Joelinton further casting doubts that the Brazilian will be prolific at St James' Park, Sports Mole reported.

Joelinton became Newcastle's record signing when he was signed for £40m from Hoffenheim but he has proven to be poor after scoring one goal for the club.

Macdonald was one of the club's most famous players to don the number nine shirt along with Alan Shearer as well and he believes that he needs to be inspired by former players who wore the number to get him to score goals.

He told The Mirror in an interview that he highly doubts Joelinto will make it as the Magpies' number nine: "No. There was something very ­telling a few weeks back when Steve Bruce said that ­Joelinton had admitted he's not bothered about scoring goals. If you've got a centre-forward who's not bothered about scoring, you've got a dud.

"You have to be hungry all the time and be prepared to argue with all and sundry. But what Newcastle have is a number nine who's not bothered about scoring. If so, what's the point of you being there?

"It makes me wonder when you've got a fella like Alan Shearer – or maybe myself – whether we could go in for a day or two in the week and work with him to try to get the very best out of him and put a bit of fire in his belly.

"You need that if you're going to score goals – you have to have a real desire. I don't see that in ­Joelinton at all. Maybe he hasn't the confidence or self-belief. I've noticed he has stopped getting into the penalty area at ­crucial times.

"That tells me he's lost his appetite. It's maybe he's ­become afraid to miss. The one thing a goalscorer must never be is afraid to miss.'

"They've played him wide left, but he's certainly no Thierry Henry. But can you imagine Alan Shearer accepting being put wide? He'd probably punch whoever told him to do that rather than go through with it!

"The fact Steve Bruce has done it and Joelinton has accepted, meekly, to do it, tells me he's already given up the ghost. You can come up with two centre-halves at Newcastle who, between them, have scored more goals this season than the centre-forward."

Macdonald scored 138 career goals from 257 appearances for Newcastle from 1971 to 1976.

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