Patrice Evra opens up on coaching plans as he steps up lessons

Patrice Evra opens up on coaching plans as he steps up lessons

Former Manchester United great Patrice Evra has set his eyes on making his managerial debut soon and is willing to start at any club. 

The former defender is one among many former Premier League stars who have their eyes firmly set on a future managerial career, having enjoyed a hugely impressive playing period.

Speaking to the club's official website, the Frenchman was however quick to point out that his success as a player does not guarantee him similar luck on the touchline, and he will have to 'start from zero'.

“I want to manage, it doesn't matter [where],” Evra said. 

“I don't put any goals. In my life, I never put any goals because, when you put some goals and you don't reach them, what's the first thing [that happens]? You get disappointed. So I don't put any goals.

“I'm living in the present. I'm not living in the future because, if you live in the future, you will live with anxiety. And if you live with the past, you will live with regret. So I'm just living in the present.

“To say which team I want to coach, I don't know. I will take what the universe gives to me.”

“Some players, they think because you have the biggest career, then you're going to be a top manager. But no, you're back to zero.

Evra won 10 pieces of major silverware between 2006 and 2014 at Man United and captained the French national team during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. 

He joins a long list of players to have worked under Alex Ferguson who are starting out their coaching careers, with Dimitar Berbatov the most notable.