'Truth be told, I should be six feet under' - Fabrice Muamba recalls harrowing cardiac arrest experience

'Truth be told, I should be six feet under' - Fabrice Muamba recalls harrowing cardiac arrest experience

Former Arsenal, Birmingham and Bolton Wanders midfielder Fabrice Muamba has recounted the distressing he went through when he suffered a cardiac arrest while in action. 

The 2012 incident happened during an FA quarterfinal match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspurs, and he thanks the medical team that saved him. 

"I was fortunate that I had the best medical staff that day," Muamba said during an interview 'In Lockdwon', a special Arsenal Podcast.

"They were able to come in and work under extreme pressure to be able to get me from the stadium to the hospital and still do CPR, which worked.

"I think that made a huge, huge difference. I had an ambulance 10 seconds away from me, I had four doctors 10 seconds away from me. All those guys came together and worked together and did a good job.
"I have been given a chance first of all to be alive and to see my kids. It's huge for me and truth be told I should be six feet under right now. For me to still be here, get up in the morning, play with my children... forget about football, just being able to breathe - you take it for granted.

"When you're on the other side of it you really appreciate it. It's the little things and for me I'm thankful and I'm grateful every single day for every single thing I have right now to be honest.

"I know people who have been in a similar circumstance as me but they came out much worse than me. You have to remember I didn't have any oxygen to my brain for 70-odd minutes. When you don't have oxygen for over 70 minutes you should be severely brain-damaged but I'm not anything like that.

"I know people who had a heart attack for 10 minutes and they're in a worse condition than me. For me, I enjoy everything and I don't take anything for granted. People on the medical side have been great to me so I can't complain at all."

Muamba announced his retirement in August 2012, five months after the ordeal, saying;

"I thank God that I am alive and I pay tribute once again to the members of the medical team who never gave up on me."

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