Spurs boss Mourinho unhappy with club's Amazon documentary

Spurs boss Mourinho unhappy with club's Amazon documentary

After the success of the documentary chronicling Manchester City's 'Centurions' campaign in 2017/18, Amazon will give viewers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access in what has been a topsy-turvy 2019/20 season for Spurs, but the club's boss says he will not watch it.

"I try to forget them during the time," Spurs manager Jose Mourinho said.

"If you ask me [is it] something that I enjoy, no. I don't like the feeling of being in 'Big Brother,' I tried to forget them and I think I managed to do that for the majority of the time.

"I have no idea what is there. I have no concerns, it is just... nothing is fake, everything is real. For them, it must be great because they have the day by day, 24 hours of what a football club is, a dressing room is. They have everything so, so, so, so real. Nobody acted for it. It is just the way it is.

"Am I going to watch it? No, no I'm not. It is not something I want to do. Also because I know better than anyone what is our day by day here but I think it will be very, very interesting for the people that loves football, loves sport and I think it is going to be great for them."

The eight-part documentary series is set to be released later this year and it will chart a turbulent campaign which also featured Spurs struggling to reproduce the form that got them to last season's Champions League final, the coronavirus pandemic and a half-time fight between Spurs players Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-Min in Monday's win over Everton.

The trailer has already been released and you can watch it below.