🔵🔴 Fernando Torres' combined Chelsea and Liverpool team

🔵🔴 Fernando Torres' combined Chelsea and Liverpool team

Former Chelsea and Liverpool striker Fernando Torres selected an exciting combined starting team from players he has played alongside at the two clubs. 

The Spaniard selected six players from Liverpool, with five from the Blues completing the team. 

In goal, he picked Pepe Reina ahead of Petr Cech, whom they won the Champions League together at  Chelsea. 

"Right at the start, the goalkeeper is a difficult one," he said. "With Reina I shared many times in Liverpool and also in the national team. Petr Cech is obviously one of the best goalkeepers I ever played with, so it would be a very difficult decision as a coach to make. I’ll have to come back to it…

"I’ll go for a back four with Brani Ivanovic on the right. He’s a great guy, a great player, and the kind of player that I would always want in my team.

"I would have Sami Hyypia and John Terry in the middle of the defence – two strong center-backs who are good with the ball and without the ball. I think they would be a really good partnership as well,"

The midfield featured two Liverpool stars in Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard, with Frank Lampard also getting a spot. 

"I played with so many great midfielders it’s very hard to pick. I played with many, many great players and I’m worried I’m going to have to leave some of them out, but I will have Xabi Alonso as the other midfielder, playing behind Gerrard and Lampard,"

The attack, just like the midfield, had to players from Liverpool, with Didier Drogba playing through the middle. 

"Obviously, Didier Drogba has to be upfront. He’s a Chelsea legend and after winning the Champions League with his equalizer at the end of the game and him scoring the last penalty, he has to be in there,"

Torres' best combined XI: Reina; Ivanovic; Hyppia, Terry, Cole; Alonso, Lampard,  Gerrard; Kuyt, Benayoung; Drogba