Klopp hits back at Sheffield United coach Wilder

Klopp hits back at Sheffield United coach Wilder

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has hit back at Sheffield United coach over the ongoing debate over the five-sub rule in the Premier League. 

Wilder remains one of the biggest opposers of the ongoing push to go back to five substitutes but Klopp isn't supporting the idea. 

Wilders comments

"He’s a world-class manager and a world-class politician, who cares about Liverpool. That’s all he cares about. He was never going to say what about Sheffield United getting their fans back in or Newcastle or Man. City or Man. United or anybody else. He’s a world-class politician," he said. 

"Cards on the table… he is going to look after his own club. I’ve got incredible respect for these top managers because they produce top results and win things."

Klopp's response

"They had injuries as well, but ask Chris Wilder how we can avoid that. Chris Wilder says I am selfish. I think all the things he says are selfish. I was in a similar situation as he is when I worked at Mainz - all about staying in the league," he said after Brighton's draw. 

"But they now have three subs, and one point, if I’m right, so there’s no advantage or disadvantage." 
"If I had five subs today, I bring on Kostas for Robbo, to save Robbo. It’s not about tactics. It's about saving players."

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