Sir Alex Ferguson reveals his biggest regrets at Man United

Sir Alex Ferguson reveals his biggest regrets at Man United

Manchester United's legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed his biggest regrets during his successful 26-and-a-half years in Old Trafford. 

Ferguson remains the most successful manager at the club, but in an interview with the club, revealed his time was not all smooth sailing. 

In his response to the question about the biggest regrets, Fergie, as he is commonly referred to said; 

“There are always going to be regrets, but the thing is always to look forward. Tomorrow’s another day. I always did when we lost a game. The next day was better, without question. But in terms of the regrets… the 1994 team I had, the back four all seemed to grow old together, and that’s a terrible thing to happen to the manager because these guys were fantastic for me.

"[Paul] Parker, [Steve] Bruce, [Gary] Pallister, [Denis] Irwin: Fantastic players. They gave me nine or 10 years and the evidence is always on the football field. They don’t see it. I see it. The problem for me is ‘what do I do about it?’. I managed to organise a move for them, and they did well out of it, but telling them is very, very difficult.

"The same when having to let young players go. The process was the youth coach and the welfare chap would come in with the player you’re going to let go. Maybe he’s only 17, 18 years of age. The way we’d explain it is we’d try and get him a team. We’d try and get him a club and ‘we’re sorry we’re having to do this’. That’s terrible.

"That is the worst thing, having to let a young player go. All his ambitions and hopes and desires are about playing for Manchester United in front of 75,000 people and going to Wembley in a final. That’s the ambition of every young kid that comes to Manchester United, and when you take that away from him, it’s a sore, sore thing. So I hated that. I hated that.”

He further revealed that the day United won the league for the first time was his favourite memory of United fans.

“Oh, the day we won the league for the first time. God almighty! I couldn’t get out the car park! There were thousands of them. I went there in the afternoon because they wanted a photograph taken with the trophy and I went there at about three o’clock,"

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