🇮🇹 Ancelotti warns Europe on American sports culture

🇮🇹 Ancelotti warns Europe on American sports culture

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti, completely dismissed the reality of the very short lived UEFA Super League.

According to the former Real Madrid and AC Milan boss, the concept would be a serious threat to the culture of European football.

"My immediate reaction was they are joking, this is a joke!” Ancelotti said via Goal.

"It's a joke because it's not going to happen. It's impossible.

The Italian added to caution that Europe has to guard against following in the footsteps of America, where business has been allowed to penetrate sports too aggressively.

"Sport culture in Europe is different to American sports. Not because we are right and they are wrong, but because the culture of the people is different. In America, in the USA, sport is different. Sport is entertainment.

"In Europe, we live with more passion. When we grow up, we want to beat our neighbours. We grew up differently. It is not sport [in the USA]. Football now is part business. But we need to take into consideration both.

"Football is a sport first. And then with a lot of investment, it also becomes a business. We need to take into consideration both. This is absolutely normal,” he concluded.

Up next for Ancelotti’s Everton is a trip to North London to lock horns with Mikel Arteta’s unpredictable Arsenal.

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