Tottenham Hotspur tops Premier League’s debt list

Tottenham Hotspur tops Premier League’s debt list

Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United are the top clubs in the Premier League with the most debts.

The duo was part of the proposed Super League competition which promised to give teams a chunk of money with a section of fans having believed that the moves were angled at helping the club owners settle some of their debts.

According to financial blogger Swiss Ramble, Spurs have a total debt of £831m with the bulk of it coming from their new stadium. In April 2019, the Lilywhites moved out of White Hart Lane and constructed a new 62000-seater stadium in North London. The project cost an estimated £1bn.

Since 2010, the North London club has only generated an estimated £2.7 billion in revenue. This is the least of the ‘Big Six’ but is far beyond every other side to have played in the Premier League in the last decade.  Approximately £1.3bn of this figure has gone towards salaries, while another £651 million has been spent on player purchases.

On their side, Manchester United is the second-highest team with debt in the English top-flight having accumulated a debt of £526m. The team however have generated £5bn in revenue with the next highest figure coming from bitter rivals Manchester City, who have made £3.9bn.