🦁 Premier League fixtures: The stand-out matches of the 2021/22 season

🦁 Premier League fixtures: The stand-out matches of the 2021/22 season

All is set for the 2021/22 Premier League season, following the release of fixtures on Wednesday morning. 

Defending champions Manchester City will kick their title defense with a crunch match away at Tottenham Hotspur, with Man United hosting Lees United. 

All the three promoted clubs will be home for their opening fixtures, with Brentford playing Arsenal, Watford squaring it out with Aston Villa, and Norwich playing Liverpool. 

Chelsea's run in the opening six fixtures is perhaps the trickiest, as they play four of the potential top-four teams in the opening six matches. 

But which are the key dates to take note of?

  • Arsenal vs Tottenham - 25th September
  • Crystal Palace vs Brighton - 25th September
  • Newcastle vs Tottenham - 16th October
  • Watford vs Liverpool - 16th  October
  • West Ham vs Tottenham - 23rd October 
  • Man Utd vs Liverpool - 23rd October 
  • Everton vs Liverpool - 30th  November
  • Brentford vs Man City - 28th December
  • Tottenham vs Arsenal - 15th January

  • Chelsea vs Tottenham - 22nd January
  • Burnley vs Man Utd - 8th February
  • Norwich vs Man City - 12th February
  • Man City vs Man Utd - 5th March
  • Wolves vs Aston Villa - 2nd April
  • Leeds vs Chelsea - 16th April
  • Aston Villa vs Liverpool - 16th April
  • Leicester vs Aston Villa - 23rd April
  • Liverpool vs Everton - 23rd April 
  • Manchester City - Next Match
  • 7, Aug - 5:00pm
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