Jurgen Klopp calls for VAR improvement

Jurgen Klopp calls for VAR improvement

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp wants an instant improvement with the Video Assistant Referees.

The technology has become one of the most divisive issues in football, with many calls subject to a huge debate with Klopp urging those in charge to improve the technology to maintain the integrity of the game.

"At this moment it's more how we use VAR. The clear and obvious error, that's not right because what is a clear and obvious error? It's right or wrong. "Yeah, the ref could see it maybe like this.

"And it's not about us, it's in general. We now have a situation, there's a foul and then the ref says play on and then you see, the whole world is clear, no, it was a foul.

"The clear and obvious and the understanding I would change it immediately. The one in the office says, 'No, it was a foul' bam, foul and go back for the free kick or a penalty, whatever, just for that and it would make things so much easier.

"Now we have everyone thinks it was a mistake by the ref, which isn't a problem, it happens as the game is so quick, but you have another guy in the office who sees it better and now he says, 'Nah, I don't want to overrule him.'

"Where's the problem? It's all about the right decision, nothing else. So to delete this little phrase, clear and obvious error," Klopp said in an interview with This is Anfield.

The German tactician has in the past blamed VAR for some erroneous decisions against his team but it's something that has been questioned by the other managers too.

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