Premier League stats about Cr7 and Messi you might not know about

Premier League stats about Cr7 and Messi you might not know about

Over the years, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have all punished Premier League clubs.

Despite never having played in England's top-level, Messi has strutted his stuff against competition from the other side of the Channel during Champions League matches.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo is a three-time Premier League winner who is currently in his second spell with Manchester United, having scored four goals in ten domestic games this season.

Despite the fact that both Ballon d'Or winners have proven themselves against the best in the Premier League, some supporters still question Messi's ability to succeed on English soil.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you can't help but think that the evidence and history books refute the notion that Messi would struggle in the Premier League.

Overall record against PL's "big six" clubs

  • Games: Ronaldo 82-36 Messi
  • Goals: Ronaldo 29-27 Messi
  • Assists: Ronaldo 10-6 Messi

🔫 Arsenal

  • Games: Ronaldo 15-6 Messi
  • Goals: Ronaldo 6-9 Messi
  • Assists: Ronaldo 1-1 Messi

🟦 Chelsea

  • Games: Ronaldo 15-10 Messi
  • Goals: Ronaldo 1-3 Messi
  • Assists: Ronaldo 2-3 Messi

🔴 Liverpool

  • Games: Ronaldo 13-4 Messi
  • Goals: Ronaldo 3-2 Messi
  • Assists: Ronaldo 1-0 Messi

🔵 Manchester City

  • Games: Ronaldo 15-8 Messi
  • Goals: Ronaldo 5-7 Messi
  • Assists: Ronaldo 2-2 Messi

👺 Manchester United

  • Games: Ronaldo 5-6 Messi
  • Goals: Ronaldo 3-4 Messi
  • Assists: Ronaldo 0-0 Messi

⚪ Tottenham Hotspur

  • Games: Ronaldo 19-2 Messi
  • Goals: Ronaldo 11-2 Messi
  • Assists: Ronaldo 4-0 Messi

Who wins?

It's pretty simple: Messi wins this 'battle'.

While Ronaldo scored and provided more goals and assists in total than Messi, we must remember that he did it in 46 more games, bringing the figures so close. In terms of goal involvement per game, Messi averages 0.92 goals or assists per game, while Ronaldo comes in at 0.48.

All of this isn't meant to belittle Ronaldo, whose illustrious career speaks for itself, but it does help to dispel claims that Messi would struggle in the Premier League.

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