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Cape Town - Futaa Africa - 11th floor Touchstone House, 7 Bree Street, Cape Town, 8001
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Futaa Writers & Contributors

At Futaa we strive to produce the highest quality of work and content and appreciate your feedback. Should you wish to write any of the team, please do so in a polite and reasonable manner and cc in our team head using [email protected]

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  • Ronnie Aloyo
  • Tom Kennedy

Southern Africa

  • Lee Mpofu
  • James Freemantle
  • Seko Gwegwe

East Africa

  • Aaron Mubanga
  • Maxon Airo
  • Imran Otieno
  • Sang Kiplagat
  • Vincent Titus
  • Zachary Oguda

Advertising & Partnerships

For any advertising or partnership enquiries please email: [email protected]