Betting Article

Betting can result in profit or loss.

There are, however, a number of key principles that a punter should take into consideration whether betting for the first time or betting regularly.

1.     Know Team Form

Team form represents a team’s performance over a certain period of time. It’s the trend of performances of a team over time; how has the team been performing.


Have they been winning, losing or registering more draws?

This information can be significant in helping you decide whether and how to bet on a team. If a team has lost all past 6 matches, for instance, then there’s perhaps increased likelihood of losing again.

2.     Respect Head to Head History

Head to head statistics involves comparing how the opposing teams have fared against each other in previous meetings. How many times have these particular teams met in recent years and in what competitions?

What were the scores in their previous meetings? Were there a lot of dour and low-scoring draws or were there typically high-scoring affairs with the home team mostly winning?

These statistics can be significant in helping you deliberate on important betting options such as number of goals to be scored and who is likely to be the winner.

History is pure facts; hence the likelihood that recent head to head statistics between two sides could offer an insight on the outcome of the next match.

3.     Inspect Home/Away Records

This is a comparison of how different teams have performed when playing either home or away.


It is advisable to consider how teams have performed home and away as there are teams that hardly lose at home whereas there are others who rarely win away from home.

4.     Keep up to Date on Team News

Before you decide to place your money on a particular team, it is important to consider who is going to play for your favored team and who is out injured, suspended etc.

For instance, a Real Madrid team without Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric, Bale and Sergio Ramos is likely to either lose or draw, as these are key players.

5.     Know whether Motivation to Win is Present

Whenever you are betting on a team, consider its level of motivation. This is important to take into consideration if a team is competing for: a win, a cup, fighting relegation or seeking to be promoted.

Or rather, is there little or nothing at stake for the team, whether they lose or not?  Bayern Munich, for instance, lost a match in 2016 to a lowly side after winning over 30 consecutive matches. This ‘surprise’ loss was attributed to the fact that Bayern had already won all the available German trophies and many players were looking to protect themselves from injury ahead of Euro 2016, so there was little motivation to fiercely contest that match.  

6.     Narrow Your Focus

If you wish to be successful at betting, it is important that you become focused on a particular set of leagues. This helps you study the trends and improve your betting skills and knowledge. Also, it’s impossible to keep abreast of happenings in every League & Cup in the world!

7.     Bet Types

Before you start betting you need to consider on which bet types you are going to place your money and whether you are going to take single bets, multi-bets or a mixture of both.


Single bets have far lower returns compared to doubles or trebles but are far easier at which to win.

You also need to consider on what bet type you are staking. There are a number of bet types in football, each with its own uniquenesses, risk  and subtleties.

8.     Maintain your Discipline

Betting can earn you good money but there is also the risk of losing money. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain control of your staking and to adopt a responsible betting approach.

Never have a bet simply for the sake of betting; such behaviour suggests the possibility of addiction and if this is you, better you see a counsellor than a bookmaker!

9.     Get Lucky

Betting is about a lot of factors and one of them, unavoidably, is luck. Hence, you not only need to maintain smart and disciplined betting habits, but also enjoy a dose of luck from time to time!

Remember, always bet responsibly