Betting Article

Live betting is one of the newest and most exciting football betting markets. It is also referred to as in-play and in-the-run betting.

Football is a game of passion and excitement and often highly unpredictable. A home team could be leading 2-0 by the 80th minute yet, 10 minutes later, the match could be a draw or even a loss for the home team thanks to a late change in fortunes, fatigue, brilliance, stupidity or whatever!.

Financially speaking, live betting has an increased success rate for bettors because betting live increases your winning probability; you can watch the match, gain insight into which team is performing better, who is playing and who’s on the bench, weather conditions and, importantly, which team is more likely to score next.

For example, in a game where Arsenal is hosting West Ham, The Hammers might score an early goal. Before the match kicked off, you favoured Arsenal to win, but thought the price at 1.40 was a little too short. Although the Hammers have already scored, you feel Arsenal is playing well and should score and go on to win. When the live betting prices change to reflect that West Ham goal, you can bet on the Gunners to win at a much better price of perhaps 2.15.

As a football fan and bettor, there is a thrill that comes with in-play betting that gives you a transformed experience; you feel involved and part and parcel of the action.

You are advised to set limits for yourself and be selective with your live bets.It is advisable to bet on live matches that you are either watching or listening to, so you can get all the information and judge the ebb and flow of the match in a comprehensive manner, rather than just following the scores on the internet or radio.

During live betting, you need to stick to your game plan and avoid chasing losses. If things are going really badly and your strategy is flush-down-the-toilet material, just walk away, take a deep breath and get working on your analysis of the next live match on which you plan to bet.


Your game plan might be to back the draw before a match starts, back the team that concedes the first goal, then await developments - hoping the other team scores next.

Or you might back the outsider before the match starts and the draw after the first goal. And so on. There are almost infinite strategies but all your betting should be generated only from your opinion of the outcome before kick-off combined with the knowledge gained from watching play.

Listed below are some warnings about Live Betting:

Live (In-Play) betting is imperfect: prices change often and bet types appear and disappear without warning. It’s also exciting and fun and adds a lot of enjoyment to watching a match! Live bets can be singles or multi-bets.

Bet Types: Events & prices are offered at the discretion of the bookmaker and it doesn’t guarantee having a particular bet type available at any point in a game. eg a team may be leading 3-0 after 82 minutes, making 1X2 betting redundant but betting on over/under 3.5 goals still very relevant

Information Displayed & Scoreboards: Most betting sites serve Live In-Play information displays that are correct, but such information (such as the score and game time elapsed) is only ‘best effort’ content so you need to be aware that such information is not necessarily correct.

Bet Processing Delays: bets placed on live betting events are automatically delayed. Clients trying to place bets may experience a delay of up to 10 seconds depending on the: sport, match venue and the speed of your internet connection.

Live Vision: Be aware that transmissions described as ‘live’ by some broadcasters may actually be delayed. Exercise caution if you are betting while watching what you believe is a live event! It’s not always so!

Results: Bookmakers make efforts to result bets as soon as a match is finished and this process can take a few minutes. If the outcome of a market cannot be easily verified, (eg with lower level football) you need to exercise patience. Your winnings will not always be immediately available for reinvestment or withdrawal.

The unique sports betting opportunities and excitement that come with live betting are unmatched in the world of gambling. Live betting is an appealing venture for both professional and recreational gamblers and well worth trying!

Remember, always bet responsibly