Betting How To

Multiple bets (also known as accumulators) are a type of sports bet that are designed to provide punters with the chance to win big payouts from smaller investments. We'll examine how multiples work and how you can win big on them. 

What is a multiple or accumulator?

Multiples allow you to make significantly more money on a smaller investment, but they are also much riskier than single bets, but the appealing payouts cancel out the risk in many instances. In the simplest terms, a multiple bet is when a sequence of single bets (two or more) are strung together to make one larger single bet. To win the accumulator, you must win all of the individual bets that make it up. 

An English Premier League example

On betPawa, betting odds on the Premier League are already available for the opening weekend. 

If you were to select an accumulator backing wins for Manchester United, Newcastle United and Bournemouth as per the odds above, your odds will be much longer than any of the single bets.  The odds for the given accumulator would look like the following on your betting slip:

It's clear that stringing single bets into one multiple will lower the odds significantly and therefore return much bigger payouts. 

Pros & Cons of Multiples

The major pros and cons are closely related in the case of multiple bets. You can win large payouts from proportionally smaller bets, but the downside here is that the bets are riskier and harder to win as every single prediction on your betting slip must be correct.  Try your hand at a smaller multiple, say 2 games, and work out where your limit is. 

If you're feeling confident after reading these tips, head on over to betPawa and take a punt on some of the big upcoming friendlies ahead of the new English Premier League season.