Giroud not happy with Sarri, reveals reasons for joining Chelsea
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Giroud not happy with Sarri, reveals reasons for joining Chelsea

Giroud not happy with Sarri, reveals reasons for joining Chelsea

Olivier Giroud has revealed his disappointment over Maurizio Sarri’s team selection

In an exclusive interview with ESPN FC, the French forward said that he is not happy being benched. Sarri has preferred using Eden Hazard as his ‘false 9’ with the other center-forward Alvaro Morata not getting much playtime too.

"It's not me who decides the team, making the starting XI, but obviously every single player wants to play every single game. As a competitor obviously I can't be happy to stay on the bench, but I keep that frustration with me and try to transform it to positive energy to work hard in training. It's true that every time I play from the start I try to bring something to the team, to play my part. But in these 14 games, I started maybe only half of them, so it's a bit difficult to be consistent in this case. You need to play a few games in a row to be competitive, so that's what's a bit difficult in this last month.” Giroud opened up.

Why Giroud left Arsenal

Giroud left Arsenal top to join the London rivals at Stamford Bridge who were under Antonio Conte then and he says he enjoyed the first six months. The striker revealed that he ran from Emirates to seek more playtime but he is sorry minutes have dwindled since Sarri took over.

“The first six months [at Chelsea] were very good for me. I needed to leave Arsenal because of the fact that Arsene Wenger wanted to play with a different kind of striker. My time was over in Arsenal and I was really pleased to sign in a big club like Chelsea. I settled really well -- it's like I was part of this Chelsea team for a long time. I felt very good, with a good understanding with the players. We won the FA Cup and I played a few games, and then I had the opportunity to go to the World Cup. It was very good for me.” Giroud added.

"Then after, when I came back late from the World Cup, it was a bit different because the new manager came and you have to start again, prove to him that you are ready to play in this team. It has been a little bit difficult for me to be honest, this last month, but I will keep fighting to play in this team." Giroud concluded.

Morata has been primed to leave Chelsea as Gonzalo Higuain is reported to be on his way to join Sarri once more. Should the Argentine join finally, Giroud chances may dwindle even more given the good terms Sarri and the Juventus man had back in Napoli. Higuain is plying trade with AC Milan on loan from Juve.