Nigerian Football Coaches Association (NFCA) President, Ladan Bosso has condemned the attitude of Kwara United coach, Abubakar Bala who resigned on Monday as the Afonja Warriors manager.

The Gombe United manager said the Association won’t condone irresponsibility and lack of respect of contract from their members at respective clubs. Particularly Bala's departure from Kwara United.

“We (Coaches) have to lead by example and show the clubs administrators that we are responsible and we respect contracts that binds the relationship. Bala got it wrong with his resignation process and the Coaches Association won’t support that,” said Bosso.

“His contract stipulated that he must give one month notice before he can resign likewise the club must also give him a month notice before they can sack him. On our path as Coaches Association, we should endeavour to respect contract and be the leader in the chain of change in our football

“Every season coaches would relegate with teams likewise some coaches would achieve success, win the League or finish with continental ticket. In all situation the Association would always advice that our members respect the side of the contract.

Meanwhile, Bala who is also Nigeria national U20, Flying Eagles, assistant coach has been scheduled to team up with the National team in Germany ahead of 2019 FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland this month.

“As the President of the Coaches Association, I have never abandoned a club when they are deep in relegation situation, I don’t run for challenges. I would stay up and fight hard to ensure the team survive, I always respect my contract and that is what I have been preaching to my members,” he concluded.

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