'Do we know who votes for these things?' - Lampard hits out at FIFA Best Awards

'Do we know who votes for these things?' - Lampard hits out at FIFA Best Awards

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has admitted he was surprised that Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds United were awarded the FIFA Fair Play Award.

Bielsa and Leeds received the award on Monday, October 23rd during the official ceremony for their sportsmanship in allowing Aston Villa to score an uncontested goal. 

Lampard, however, feels the team did not deserve the award, having been involved in a Spygate scandal in which they were later fined £200,000 for the offense. 

Bielsa was found guilty of sending a member of his staff to spy on a Derby training session, in which Lampard was the manager. 

Speaking on Saturday, Lampard said he found the award 'strange';

 "I did smile. Do we know who votes for these things?" he said in response to the question on whether he was shocked on the award. 

"What happened with Spygate was very well documented, and then they got fined, the rules changed slightly because of it, I felt it was improper," 

"To get a fair play award off the back of that is...I thought it was irony at first. It was a strange decision for them to win that," 

"I think everyone had the same reaction (to the fair play award), to be fair because a lot of news was put to Spygate," 

"And I think quite rightly so and it got dealt with in the right way, so when you go and give an award for fair play in the same year then I don't think it's right," 

There have been questions on the credibility of the votes since the winners were announced, with many unconvinced by the winners' names. 

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