🇿🇦🇿🇲🗣 Baroka boss open to Nyirenda’s move to Chipolopolo: We will release him
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🇿🇦🇿🇲🗣 Baroka boss open to Nyirenda’s move to Chipolopolo: We will release him

Baroka FC Chairman Khurishi Mphahlele has absolutely no second thoughts about losing Wedson Nyirenda to Zambia.

Mr Mphahlele’s reaction has followed after Nyirenda had openly revealed that the Zambia Football Association (FAZ) has called his phone.

“That means he is a good coach. If your coach is linked with a national team that means he is good," Mphahlele told Kick Off today.

"That means you've got a good coach and you must just keep him. We've got a contract with him, we will keep him. They will make us to keep him even more."

Kick Off pressed on to hear if the chairman would look to take any benefits from Nyirenda’s possible departure.

"[Laughs loudly] I don't have that idea of selling the coach. I don't have it, to tell you the truth. I don't regard the coach as somebody I can sell. Yes a player can be sold, but not the coach,” continued Mphahlele.

"If Zambia wants the coach, they can come, they can approach us, then we will release him. We can't sell the coach. Yes we will release him for free, why not? We didn't buy him. Did we buy him? Then why do we sell him?”

The Bagkaga big boss continued to remind of the ever important need to honour one’s nation whenever the call comes.

"If they approach me and say they need the coach, I will respect the country of Zambia, as much as I respect my country... if my country comes to me and says 'we want your coach' I won't sell the coach to them. It's my responsibility as a citizen of this country to support and supply.”

Mphahlele concluded the chat by further making a clear statement that the door is open for Nyirenda to step up in honour of Zambia.

"So it's the same with Zambia, if they come to me and say we need the coach, they agree with the coach, I don't have a problem. I will release him definitely.”

"He's still got another year to run, but the way we are working I don't see him leaving us soon. We are happy with the way he works with us,” concluded the chairman.

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