🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Jadon Sancho talks youth days, international career and his role models

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Jadon Sancho talks youth days, international career and his role models

Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jadon Sancho has revealed that he is ready to step up in his international football career and is willing to put in the necessary work required to establish himself on the world stage.

Sancho made himself a permanent feature in the England national team after he put on one of his most explosive performances for the Three Lions all while scoring a brace in the side's 5-3 victory against Kosovo in September and if reports are anything to go by, he is set to start on Wednesday night in the Euro 2020 qualifier match against Montenegro. 

However, the 19-year-old is believed to not be at his usual form in the Bundesliga after he was substituted after 36 minutes of actions in Borussia Dortmund's 4-0 defeat against Bayern Munich on Saturday, November 9. 


In an interview with The Independent, Sancho was asked if he felt otherwise about his move from England to Germany considering the vast differences between the two nations. 

“Yes,” he said, “It was very difficult but if you love what you do and make such a big decision then you have to stick to it.  I stuck to it and I was happy to adapt and learn the culture.”

“It’s not unusual,” he said. “Every foreign player who comes to England has to learn English. Spanish players find it different to home. I felt like I’d enjoy adapting and learning a different language.”

The teenage sensation has since adapted to the culture of Germany and he feels that if it wasn't for his teammates, he would have taken a good while to get to this point - understandably so.

“The players at Dortmund give me loads of advice because they’re so experienced,” he said. “Marco Reus is a great player and he keeps telling me that I need to keep working hard in training because someone can take your place at any time.


“I really listen to that because I believe what he says. There’s always someone below you who wants to take your position. If you work hard week-in and week-out it makes it hard for them to get picked instead of you. Football’s very competitive and you can’t afford to slacken off.

Ideally, Sancho should be a great example for young players who are in a similar setup that he is in but he has affirmed that he quickly became used to being away from home considering the fact that he joined Watford at the tender age of seven and he was to eventually move into the accommodation provided by the Hornets, and furthermore attend Harefield Academy as a boarder at the age of eleven. 

“It’s different for individuals and it depends on their personality,” he said. “My situation is that I’ve always been away from home since I was 11. It’s about how you handle situations by yourself. There’ll be many days when it’s difficult. It’s not for everyone. But it’s a good option. You’ve just got to make sure you get the decisions right if you do make the move.”


As his career has progressed from his youth days at Watford and Manchester City and now Dortmund; The Independent also found out that Sancho always tried to model his style of play to that of Brazilian legend Ronaldinho. “Ronaldinho was the main guy I used to watch on YouTube,” he said. “But I liked Frank Lampard quite a lot and Didier Drogba when they were playing for Chelsea. They were the three players I looked up to.”

However, despite various clubs having shown interest in the youngster at the time, Sancho revealed why he eventually chose to settle with Watford and what that did for him as he was being moulded into the world-class star that he is now plying his trade in the German topflight. 

“I was comfortable at Watford,” he said. “I didn’t really see it like I should be going anywhere else. I just liked Watford and I still have close friends from there. It was the right place for me to develop.”


Sancho has also been praised for his tenacity and dedication to his craft that has enabled him to handle the life of a footballer in Germany especially when the language is still a massive barrier. “I’ve picked up the training terms really well,” he said. “When everyone’s speaking German in sessions I understand what they’re saying. Obviously, speaking it fluently is a bit difficult at the moment but I’m picking it up slowly but surely.”

In conclusion, Sancho exclaimed that despite the growing success he is currently experiencing, he will not rest on his laurels and will be always aiming to be consistent in mastering his art - which is his game of football - his bread and butter. The world is surely yet to experience more explosive performances from the England international. 

“All you can do is work hard every day and hopefully you’ll get a chance,” he said. “When you do get the chance, grab it.”