Spain coach Luis Enrique opens up on why he sacked Robert Moreno as his assitant

Spain coach Luis Enrique opens up on why he sacked Robert Moreno as his assitant

The fallout between Luis Enrique and Robert Moreno continued on Wednesday with the former accusing the latter of being disloyal. 

Moreno served as Enrique's assistant before the former Barcelona man stepped down for personal reasons, allowing Moreno to take charge. 

Enrique returned to the fold last week, but Moreno was shown the door as he chose not to be part of Enrique's backroom staff. 

"The only person responsible for Robert Moreno not being on my staff is me," Enrique told a press conference.

"On September 12, I met him at my house and he told me that he wanted to coach at the European Championship and then, if I wanted, he would be my assistant,"

"I understand that he is ambitious, that it is his dream to be a coach, but for me it is disloyal, I would not do it. For me, it is a big flaw. I understand his position but I do not share it.

"I told him I no longer see him as my assistant and that I don't know when I will be back, but that I feel like working. He finished the meeting in a cordial way and I called the people on my staff to let them know my opinion and that of the other side so that no one misrepresents my words.

"From there, I must say that I never approached the federation. I never called them. 

"Professionally I have no reason to criticize Robert Moreno. He is very prepared and is a very good coach. His words said one thing and the facts were very different.

"I am not the good one in the movie, but neither am I the bad one."

In his absence, Spain qualified for the Euro 2020 tournament, winning five of the seven matches he was in charge of.