Former Lille star Frau compares Osimhen to Mbappe | Tanzania
Former Lille star Frau compares Osimhen to Mbappe

Former Lille star Frau compares Osimhen to Mbappe

Former Lille striker Pierre-Allain Frau has compared Victor Osimhen to Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe.

Frau believes that the youngsters are enjoyable to watch because of the qualities they possessed on the pitch.

“You tell me about two immense talents, both of them are already young and we have come to see them for a long time, for our happiness,” Frau said to La Voix Du Nord.

“I enjoy watching them. Their big point in common is speed. They are both very fast and make a lot of difference with their calls and their races.

“When they are gone, we no longer catch up with them.

“Osimhen has less fantasy. What strikes me is his generosity, he is very effective. He anticipates trajectories well. He is not a dribbler. He knows how to go to the right areas. LOSC made a big hit because he brought a lot and almost made Pépé forgotten.

“It’s hard to find an attacker who scores with this quality. He needed very little time to adapt; it shows his strength of character. I haven’t read many interviews with him, but he seems to know what he wants. And on the ground, his attitudes are very good.”

Osimhen has scored 14 goals in 28 appearances for his club since the beginning of the season, while Mbappe has 21 goals in 24 matches for PSG.