Arsene Wenger's proposed changes on offside law
Arsene Wenger's proposed changes on offside law

Arsene Wenger's proposed changes on offside law

Fifa's chief of global football development Arsene Wenger has proposed a change to the existing offside law as a result of controversial decisions arrived at by the VAR.

The system, VAR, was in play again on Monday night in the Premier League as an Olivier Giroud's goal against Manchester United was ruled out for offside with the thinnest of margins. 

There have been an uncountable number of similar cases, although this might change from next season if Wenger's proposed changes are implemented. 

"[I'm speaking about] the offside by a margin of a fraction of a centimetres," said the former Arsenal manager.

"Maybe there is room to change the offside rule a little bit so we don't say a part of his nose was offside," he added. 

The proposed law further indicates that one cannot be deemed to be in an offside position if any part of the body that can score a goal is in line with the last defender/player.

This will be discuessed on 29 February when the Football Association Board (Ifab), which is responsible for setting and implementing football rules, holds its annual general meeting in Belfast.

Wenger has also suggested the inclusion of former players and referees in the implementation of VAR, noting there are not enough specialists in the field. 

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